Development of the New Millennium Essences

One of the earliest New Zealand flower essence workers to follow in the footsteps of Dr Edward Bach was Mary Garbely, who, for many years from the 1970’s until her death in 1998, was widely acknowledged as New Zealand’s leading flower essence worker.

The originator of the New Millennium Essences, the late Peter Archer, was a student of Mary’s. He was inspired by her, and by the extremely high standards that she set. Peter received his initial essence training from Mary, and from 1992 he worked intensively as an essence practitioner with her New Perception of NZ flower essences.


Through the 1990’s, Peter also worked with several other sets of flower essences from many parts of the world, including the Living Essences from Western Australia and the Christchurch Essences from Dr Wendy Rose Isbell among many others. During this time, he also undertook intensive training, in essences and in many other natural health modalities, including homeopathy.

However, Peter was especially inspired by the work of Machaelle Small Wright of Perelandra, in Virginia, USA; and by 1998 Peter was New Zealand’s leading practitioner of the Perelandra flower essences and of the many other innovative natural healing techniques that were developed at Perelandra.

Machaelle Small Wright, founder of Perelandra

The New Millennium Essences gradually grew out of this work by Peter, with help from his friend and colleague, Lisa Bruens, who was Peter’s collaborator and co-worker over this initial phase.

Peter made his first two flower essences in 1996 at Easter. Then in August 1998 Peter dedicated himself full-time to this work. In 1999 the name “New Millennium Essences” was received, as this essence range was to bring through the energies required for the new millennium that began in the year 2000.

The website (now no longer available) was first created quite early in 2001. In it Peter introduced one of the first of his many innovations: the “Self-help On-line Healing” facility, which allowed users of the website to access free flower essence healing.

In 2003 Glenys Earle joined Peter as a full partner in the work from then until 2010, helping with all aspects of the business from finding and defining the ever-growing range of flower essences, to operational, sales and training roles.

Peter was always first and foremost a visionary and innovator in his field. When Glenys introduced him to her passion of aromatherapy, Peter soon discovered the method of energetically blending the essential oils with essences, to create the first aromatherapy spray blends (that today are the basis of the Living Energy aromatherapy sprays).

In fact, Peter went on to complete a one-year full-time Diploma in Aromatherapy at the Christchurch College of Natural Medicine, in order to understand and work with essential oils more comprehensively – a classic example of his almost fanatical drive for perfection in all that he undertook.

What's different about the New Millennium Essences?

The New Millennium Essences of NZ follow on in the tradition set by Dr Edward Bach, in that they are energetic remedies, in a carrier of pure water and brandy, and a dose is taken either orally as a few drops, or dissolved in water or other liquid.

They also work in a similar manner to Dr Bach’s original remedies, by a process of energy absorption, resonance and integration into the energetic structures of the human body.

Just as Dr Bach, in his time around the 1930s, was a very keen observer of humanity, leading to his noticing and finding remedies for each of the issues pertaining to each of his 38 Bach Flowers, so too have Peter and his co-workers noticed and defined many of the issues that people today are currently experiencing

Humanity’s perceptions, expectations and thinking processes have evolved a lot over the last 80 to 90 years. Life is also a lot faster paced that it was back in Dr Bach’s day, and the rate of change is speeding up.

Over the past few decades, as this process of the evolution of the mass consciousness of humanity accelerated, various new sets of flower essences were produced, each set being a reflection of the state of humanity at that time.

New Millennium Essences now not only directly address these issues now faced by the mass consciousness of humanity, but they have the unique ability of balancing simplicity with complexity; simple and easy to use, yet complex in the way in which they treat the many layers of issues faced by us in the 21st century.

Because of all these differences in the mass consciousness of humanity, many of the issues that are now facing humanity can be addressed more directly by flower essence therapy than was possible until recently.


For example, with the New Millennium Essences range, there are a number of essences for dealing directly with the physical body cells and with the energy anatomy (which includes chakras, meridians, etc). This was not possible in Dr Bach’s time.

New Millennium Essences catalogue

The New Millennium Essences represent a genuine quantum leap into a new paradigm of human healing and consciousness.


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