Muscle Ease
Muscle Ease massage blend for relief of muscle and joint aches and pains

The Muscle Ease aromatherapy massage blend provides powerful relief from muscle aches, pains and strains, and joint pain.

Use it for relief of both acute and chronic muscle and joint conditions.

Contents 100 ml.

Not suitable for young children or the elderly unless further diluted in a carrier oil.

Not for use in pregnancy.

Cost: NZD $24 + shipping


The Muscle Ease massage blend contains essential oils of Plai, Kunzea, Cajeput, Black Pepper and Marjoram, plus a blend of the following New Millennium Essences flower essences, in a base of Apricot Kernel oil.

Thytomene calycina essence, body symptoms relief

Thytomene calycina - body symptoms relief

Provides relief from physical symptoms in the body. Helps the body to come into a more balanced state, while the actual physical healing takes place, so that the symptoms are lessened.

Feverfew, body energy, body balance, New Millennium flower essence

Feverfew - body energy and balance

Helping us to maintain balance in the physical body, and to keep our body energy in alignment with our highest purpose.

Helichrysum essence, acute body symptoms

Helichrysum - acute body symptoms

Opens up one's energy when the life force has been closing down. Also balances the energy of the biochemistry processes in the physical body.

Pink flowers essence, chronic body symptoms

Little Pink Flowers - chronic body symptoms

To help bring the body back into a state of balance and wholeness, where chronic illness has disrupted the normal functioning of the body system.

Bottlebrush essence, support for physical emotional, mental issues

Bottlebrush - support on all levels

For support on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Includes the support needed to help us in our ongoing learning of what Truth is.

Dried up daisy essence, arnica equivalent

Dried-Up Daisy - arnica equivalent

Emulates the action of homeopathic arnica. For shock and bruising, both physical and emotional.

Windrush rose essence, body embedded beliefs, trauma

Windrush Rose - body-embedded beliefs and trauma

Dissolves beliefs, dysfunctional programmed learning, archetypes and childhood traumas that were embedded in the body at the cellular level.