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Check out our range of exquisite aromatherapy blends made from organic or wildcrafted, high-quality Essential Oils and the powerful New Millennium Flower Essences. Each blend is finely crafted, hand-made and tested for therapeutic effectiveness.

Essential Oils used in the blends are genuine therapeutic-grade essential oils of the highest quality and purity.

Every essential oil used carries the energy of special people who care about our environment: the grower following ethical farming or wild-harvesting practices, the artisan distiller who skilfully produces a genuinely special product, and the distributor who is passionate about quality and professionalism.

New Millennium Flower Essences were co-created here in the beautiful energies of Aotearoa/New Zealand by the late Peter Archer, who founded New Millennium Essences, and Glenys Earle. Their search for the finest vibrational remedies led them on their various healing journeys.

Tap into the living energy that is flowing through everything


"The Stress Less spray is so calming as it cools down my head and face as soon as I need it. The beautiful aroma soothes my nerves. I have bought it for my daughter as well and she absolutely loves it. Also sent her the Aura spray as she lives in a block of flats in the city. She feels cleansed and refreshed when she uses it."

— Kim, Greymouth, NZ