Glenys Earle, specialist vibrational flower essences

The Living Energy aromatherapy range was created by Glenys Earle, who is an Energy Healer, founder of In the Zone Healing, and a specialist in vibrational healing remedies.

In her work Glenys uses energy healing to help people overcome stress, anxiety, tiredness, sleeplessness and sensitivity to energy, as well as many other issues of 21st century life. Glenys also runs workshops to empower people with techniques to help them overcome these issues for themselves. The range of Living Energy spray blends was inspired by this work.

When Glenys first encountered Essential Oils back in the early 1990s, it was love at first sight. She started using them every day in her personal life over many years for first aid, and emotional support and upliftment. Her specialty is creating blends with oils containing the required healing properties, yet with a pleasing and balanced aroma.

The New Millennium Essences
Peter Archer, flower essence maker, vibrational remedies

In early 2003 Glenys met Peter Archer, who founded the New Millennium Essences. Peter had trained in flower essences with New Zealand’s flower essence pioneer, Mary Garbely. Then in the mid 1990s he started making his own flower essences, initially with the help of Lisa Bruens. By the time Glenys first met him, Peter had already begun his ground-breaking discoveries in the field of vibrational medicine.

Soon after that first meeting, Peter and Glenys began their work together over a period of seven years. Through careful observation and their innate sensitivity, they noted the energies and issues experienced by humanity today, and searched for the remedies to heal them.

Glenys Earle, Peter Archer of New Millennium Essencess

In contrast to the original flower essence range of our modern era, the Bach(TM) Flowers, which were discovered in the first half of the 20th century, the New Millennium Essences were designed specifically to address the issues of modern 21st century living. The mass consciousness of humanity has changed dramatically in the intervening years, and the New Millennium Essences reflect this. They help us to deal with the complexities and paradoxes of modern life, with an emphasis on personal and spiritual growth and empowerment. The essence collection encompasses the whole aspect of our being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The New Millennium Essences also include a specialist range for animals, dealing with specific issues often faced by domesticated animals in our world. Many of these issues were identified with the aid of animal healer, Deb Stewart.

Not all the New Millennium Essences are created from flowers either. Peter was very eclectic in his choice of natural substances from which to create the essences, and so the collection includes many gem and natural stone essences.

In 2006 Glenys and Peter also introduced a high-quality range of essential oils to the New Zealand practitioner market (later called the New Millennium Oils). This also marked the beginning of the very successful original aromatherapy spray blends that combined these essential oils with the New Millennium Essences. The New Millennium Oils collection is no longer available.

Since Peter passed over in 2019 the full New Millennium Essences collection is no longer available on the original website, www.nmessences.com. Click here for the story of how the New Millennium Essences came to be created.

About the Living Energy products

Glenys still works with the New Millennium Essences, and they are an essential ingredient in the Living Energy aromatherapy spray blends and massage blends.


Glenys is also available to create customised flower essence blends to address any issues you may want resolving. Click here for more details. And if you want to order any of the New Millennium Essences, contact Glenys.

As Glenys is proficient in working with subtle energies, she also offers products from the Life Energy Designs range, which provide protection from harmful electro-magnetic radiation and negative energy. In particular, the POWER Energy Balancer p.e.bal is a must for protection from the roll-out of the 5G mobile phone network.